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  • Migrating to PHPUnit 9

    Sebastian Bergmann, creator of PHPUnit, walks us through some history and design decisions for PHPUnit. Read More

  • ★ laravel-event-sourcing v3 has been released

    Our spatie/laravel-event-sourcing package is probably the best starting point for event sourcing in Laravel. It has excellent docs, that explain event sourcing from scratch, support for aggregates, projectors, and much […]

  • ★ A PHP package to execute commands via SSH

    Our team released a new package called spatie/ssh. This package allows you to execute commands via an SSH connection. With the package installed, you can execute an SSH command like this: $process = Ssh::create('user', […]

  • AWS VPC for Software Engineers

    This post offers a good explanation of VPC and related terms. Read More

  • Calculate the Carbon output of your website

    How is your website impacting the planet? Read More

  • ★ Manage Docker containers using PHP

    Last week, my colleague Ruben and I released a package called spatie/docker, that makes it easy to spin up docker containers and execute commands on them. In this blog post, I'd like to introduce what you can do with it […]

  • Capturing the World in Software

    Very nice post by Jessica Joy Kerr on the benefits and tradeoffs of event sourcing. We can get a complete, consistent model of a small piece of the world using Event Sourcing. This is powerful but expensive. Read More

  • Introducing Yarn 2

    A good overview of new things Yarn has to offer. Read More

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