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  • WordPress Post Formats… Is There Life After Gutenberg?

    Post formats premiered in WordPress back in 2011, allowing you to inject some life into your blog section. Sadly, a lot of themes no longer support them. But with a pinch of Gutenberg and a sprinkle of code, you can still mold your blog section into the masterpiece it should be. Post formats were […]

  • Make WordPress A Better CMS With These Plugins

    If you’re developing a complex WordPress site for clients, need to deal with content policies and flows, want to make the user interface easier to work with, or add custom content without writing code, you may well need a CMS plugin. CMS plugins give WordPress additional Content Management […]

  • Installing A Free WordPress Calculator Plugin

    Whether you’re looking to create sophisticated calculations for your visitors, or simply work out the cost of an order – a calculator plugin can be worth its weight in gold. In this post, we’re putting some of WP’s best number crunchers to the test. If your website needs to […]

  • How to Add Google Search Console to WordPress

    So, are you thinking of adding WordPress to Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools)? If so, read on as we let you know how to do this using free plugins and get set up with Google, too. Google Search Console was made to help webmasters check indexing status and optimize visibility […]

  • 3 Flexible WordPress Recent Post Plugins

    Out of the box, WordPress comes equipped with a recent posts widget for displaying your latest content in the sidebar and other widgetized areas of your website. However, the settings and controls on the default recent posts widget are pretty minimal. With only the ability to give the widget a […]

  • How to Create an Online Course with WordPress and LMS Plugins

    Creating online courses in WordPress is easier than ever with the help of some amazing LMS (Learning Management Systems) plugins. It’s a great business model, considering the low startup costs, profits, ability to share your knowledge, and flexibility. What’s that? I think I hear the […]

  • Customizing WordPress User Roles With Branda

    Human beings may be created equal, but admin users–not so much. Some admins know their roles and stick to them, while others behave like over-stimulated children in a toy store, touching everything in sight until something breaks. In this post, we’ll show you how to use Branda, WPMU […]

  • How to Create Responsive Tables in WordPress

    HTML tables, once commonly used for webpage layouts, are now a layout headache for many web designers. Tables often work best with fixed widths, which means they can wreak havoc on otherwise pixel-perfect responsive website designs. So what’s a WordPresser to do? The first thing to do with […]

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