• Report: Apple gave Zoom special access to tools to unlock iPad Split view

    "We asked Zoom and to our surprise, they gave us the answer, and in the process revealed an apparently private process, available only to those deemed worthy by Apple." What you need to know A new report claims that Apple has given Zoom special access to an API that unlocks Split View […]

  • Review: Print your Switch screenshots or selfies with Instax Mini Link

    One of the best smartphone and Nintendo Switch accessories to come out so far. I am definitely not a video game photographer, but there are moments during my gaming sessions where I feel like I capture some amazing shots. Now that New Pokémon Snap released, those moments have increased […]

  • Lost AirTag found in 30 minutes during test, Tile takes 12 hours

    "We decided to find out by deliberately leaving an AirTag and a Tile out of range of our smartphone, timing how long it took each to be discovered by other users." What you need to know New tests have revealed the power of Apple's AirTag, and how easy it is for other users to reunite you with […]

  • Report: Apple's Detroit Developer Academy to occupy First National Building

    What you need to know Apple announced a new Developer Academy coming to Detroit back in January. It will open later this year and serve to empower young Black entrepreneurs, creators, and coders. A new report says the academy will occupy the First National Building in the downtown area. A new […]

  • Apple slams 'unspeakable' Itch.io content hosted on Epic Games Store

    Itch.io chimed in to ridicule Apple's lawyers on Twitter. What you need to know Counsel for Apple has gone after Epic Games and its decision to host itch.io on the Epic Games Store. Apple's lawyers asked Steve Allison why it hosted itch.io when it contained games with names that were "both […]

  • Internal docs reveal Apple's huge 2015 push to improve App Review

    "...all of this results in an SLA longer than developers should expect and even worse creates a great deal of anxiety and ill will between Apple and developers" What you need to know New internal documents reveal Apple made a huge bid to improve its App Review process in 2015. Project 'Columbus' […]

  • Best AirPods deals: $59 off AirPods Pro, $130 AirPods 2, & more

    Pretty much everywhere you go these days you'll see someone using Apple's AirPods in public. AirPods deals are nearly just as common these days, as retailers across the board seem to be constantly discounting all the different variations of the hardware, which is good because they can be a bit […]

  • Apple survey hints at blood glucose monitoring for next Apple Watch

    Could this be a glimpse of what is coming next for the Apple Watch? What you need to know Apple has sent out a new survey for Apple Watch users. The survey asks users if they use their watch to track "eating habits, medications, and blood glucose levels." Apple just gave off a potentially big […]

  • Where are the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus? Why iPhone 8 and X?

    Lots of people are asking, “Why did Apple name the new devices iPhone 8 and X (ten)? Why didn’t they call the iPhone 8 the iPhone 7s like usual?” Apple has had a pattern over the years: iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs; […]

  • CMRA – Camera for Apple Watch

    The Apple Watch doesn’t come with a built in camera (yet) but you can add one with this sweet watch band that includes not one, but two cameras! There is a selfie camera (2MP) and a outward facing camera (8MP). The […]

  • i101 – Episode 25 – WWDC 2016 Preview & Rumors

    Hey guys! We are so excited to bring back i101! In episode 25 we talk about the many rumors of what’s to come at Apple’s 2016 World Wide Developer’s Conference. Here are the show notes: WWDC 2015 Footage via […]

  • AIS Studio Update! 🎥📱

    We’ve been working hard to get our studio up and running so we can start recording new episodes of i101! Check out the progress and let us know what you want us to cover!   

  • My Apple Watch Fitting Appointment

    So I recently came across a few pictures from when I went to the Apple Store in Las Vegas and checked out the Apple Watch. I’ve never bought one and after finding the date on these pictures, I am more and more […]

  • Why is the App Store Green? – Apps for Earth

    From now until April 24th, 100% of the proceeds from participating apps in the App Store will support World Wildlife Fund… WWF. This includes both new app purchases and in-app purchases. So, go be awesome and support […]

  • Up Coffee – Track Your Caffeine [Video]

    I was looking for an app that would track my caffeine intake and sync with Apple’s Health app. Up Coffee does that and more. The app’s main focus is on how your caffeine intake will affect your sleep but it works […]

  • Lose It! – Meal & Nutrition Tracking

    I’ve recently started working on what I eat and have decided to go with a Keto diet. You can learn more about it on Google but it’s basically eating meat and vegetables and not eating sugar and carbs. When doing any […]