• Don't carry around your new MacBook Air bare! Get a case!

    The best MacBook Air cases will not only keep your MacBook Air safe from scratches or scuffs on that beautiful finish, but also allows you to add your personal flair to your Mac laptop. Unlike the best MacBook Air sleeves, you can keep your case on when you're working, so you're never without […]

  • Take advantage of a deal on the TREBLAB HD77 Bluetooth speaker

    The speaker is strong enough for outside, but precise enough to take calls at your desk. If the start of spring has you considering planning new outdoor adventures, you should consider picking up the TREBLAB HD77 Bluetooth speaker. The device will provide a soundtrack for your hike, camping trip, […]

  • Review: Nomad Rugged Case with MagSafe wraps your iPhone 12 in leather

    Gorgeous Horween leather protects your iPhone 12 in style. If you have an iPhone 12 series handset, then MagSafe compatibility might be an important feature to consider when choosing a case. The best MagSafe-compatible iPhone 12 cases work perfectly with Apple's magnetic wireless charger and look […]

  • Have some Insta-worthy pics? Make sure to print and share them from Photos!

    You can easily share your favorite photos with others with the native Share Sheet. It may be super easy to just keep all of your photos on the best iPhone or iPad thanks to the Photos app, but sometimes there are moments that you just need to share with others. When you want to share a photo with […]

  • Apple to face trial over use of refurbished replacement devices

    "Plaintiffs allege that remanufactured devices are not "equivalent to new in performance and reliability" What you need to know A class-action lawsuit against Apple is going to trial in August. It's over claims that Apple's use of refurbished parts and remanufactured devices is a breach of […]

  • Here's everything we know about Apple's next iPad Pro

    Will 2021 be the year of the mini-LED? Let's find out. Apple is widely expected to unveil a brand new lineup of iPad Pro models in 2021. It's almost a year since Apple released the 2020 iPad Pro, which is by all accounts a stonking 2-in-1 offering. But there's still room for improvement, not least […]

  • The 25th anniversary of Pokémon takes us back to Sinnoh

    How will the Pokémon Company celebrate their 25th anniversary? We have a few ideas. While the date February 27, 1996, might not seem like much on its own, it would be a day that would change the gaming landscape forever. On that unsuspecting Tuesday almost twenty five years ago, a little […]

  • Fitbit deals: All the best Fitbit Charge 4, Versa, Inspire & more discounts

    Staying active is important, and it's even easier with a Fitbit. While there are usually a few ways to save on Fitbit fitness trackers and smartwatches on any given day, the best Fitbit deals come and go rather quickly. If you're hoping to save on a new Fitbit watch, the clock's ticking on the […]

  • Where are the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus? Why iPhone 8 and X?

    Lots of people are asking, “Why did Apple name the new devices iPhone 8 and X (ten)? Why didn’t they call the iPhone 8 the iPhone 7s like usual?” Apple has had a pattern over the years: iPhone 3G, […]

  • CMRA – Camera for Apple Watch

    The Apple Watch doesn’t come with a built in camera (yet) but you can add one with this sweet watch band that includes not one, but two cameras! There is a selfie camera (2MP) and a outward facing camera (8MP). […]

  • i101 – Episode 25 – WWDC 2016 Preview & Rumors

    Hey guys! We are so excited to bring back i101! In episode 25 we talk about the many rumors of what’s to come at Apple’s 2016 World Wide Developer’s Conference. Here are the show notes: WWDC 2015 […]

  • AIS Studio Update! 🎥📱

    We’ve been working hard to get our studio up and running so we can start recording new episodes of i101! Check out the progress and let us know what you want us to cover!   

  • My Apple Watch Fitting Appointment

    So I recently came across a few pictures from when I went to the Apple Store in Las Vegas and checked out the Apple Watch. I’ve never bought one and after finding the date on these pictures, I am more and more […]

  • Why is the App Store Green? – Apps for Earth

    From now until April 24th, 100% of the proceeds from participating apps in the App Store will support World Wildlife Fund… WWF. This includes both new app purchases and in-app purchases. So, go be awesome and […]

  • Up Coffee – Track Your Caffeine [Video]

    I was looking for an app that would track my caffeine intake and sync with Apple’s Health app. Up Coffee does that and more. The app’s main focus is on how your caffeine intake will affect your sleep but it […]

  • Lose It! – Meal & Nutrition Tracking

    I’ve recently started working on what I eat and have decided to go with a Keto diet. You can learn more about it on Google but it’s basically eating meat and vegetables and not eating sugar and carbs. When […]

  • Pouces Will Amplify Your Typing Efficiency

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  • What You Need To Know About Apple’s New Privacy Labels

    Tweet Apple’s Important New Privacy Labels Although you may not realize it many companies and harvesting your online activity. All aspects of what you do online constitutes one pieces of their crop. They combine […]

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  • The Absolute Best Photography App for Your iPhone 12

    Tweet Price: Free (7-day Trial) Rating: ***** (5/5) Halide Mark II – Pro Camera iPhone App Review by TheiPhoneAppReview.com Halide Mark II – Pro Camera is a stunning achievement in camera that is packaged as […]